11 Signs You Must Drop Everything And Go On A Holiday!

If life is taking a toll on you and your job has totally exhausted you, then it may be the time you went on a break and on a holiday, far far away. Life keeps giving us signals to take it easy, relax and do what we really like doing. But most of us ignore these signs and keep going on in life without taking out time for our own selves. This is harmful not only because it keeps us from fulfilling our wishes but also because it reduces our productivity and affects our health. The following are the 11 signs that you must drop everything and go on a holiday!

You are scarily addicted to coffee
If you need a cup of coffee every hour and need it to keep you awake and going, then maybe you have taken a lot more in life than you need to. This means that you have no motivation to work and that you have taken a little too much of pressure. Maybe it is time to kick the habit and book tickets to a much deserved holiday.

You have had the same schedule for more than a couple of months
Analyze your daily schedule and check whether you have had the same routine for more than a few months. If yes, then this could mean that you have been overworking yourself or have become mechanical in life. It is time to break this habit and go on a holiday where you don’t have to set a time to wake up.

You have become very negative and you complain all the time
If you keep complaining about work, relationships, life and health all the time to everyone you know, then this could be another sign that you need to head onto to a relaxing holiday which will reimburse feelings of positivity in you.

The only people you talk to these days are your colleagues
If you have become used to talking to only colleagues and only about work, then this is another hint that you need to meet more people, talk to those who really matter and take a break from work talk for a while.

You miss being on the beach or on the hills
If you have started missing the feeling of going on trips and holidays and genuinely daydream about it every day, then it is time to book yourself on the next flight out of the city. Life has become so dull for you that you have started forgetting how it was to holiday. Come on, life is a lot more than daydreaming!

You haven’t gone shopping for the longest time
Holiday time means shopping time. If you haven’t gone out to shop for the longest time because there is no motivation to wear new clothes, then this could mean that you are suffering from ‘lack of holidaying’. Why not go for a trip then?

Every time you log on to Facebook, you get jealous with travel pictures of friends
If you experience a lot of jealousy and insecurity by looking at travel photographs of your friends on social media, then this could mean that you aren’t having a satisfactory experience on that front yourself. This is another sign that you need a holiday.

Weekends are spent completing everyday chores
If your weekends are spent catching up on everyday chores that you miss during the week, then this could mean that your life is on an ongoing parade and that you need to step out of the wheel for a while.

You can’t remember the last time you went on a holiday
This is definitely the most obvious signs that you need a holiday. If you just cannot remember when was the last time you went out for relaxing or traveling, then this is a bad enough sign.

You have no clue what the hot travel destinations are currently
Only those who go on for holidays every now and then know the current trending destinations. If you don’t have a clue about this, then this could mean that you need to head out immediately.

You don’t feel motivated or excited to do anything
If you have been feeling constantly demotivated and dull about everything in life, then you need to charge your batteries and the best way to do so is by going on a holiday!

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