7 Places In The World Where You Are Most Likely To Get Robbed!

Travelling is and can be a superb experience for anyone! But like everything else, even visiting new places or traveling to foreign locations can have a dark side. There are many exotic locations, beautiful cities and big metropolitans in the world that can leave you relaxed, happy and well, robbed! Yes, there are several places in the world where your passport can suddenly go missing or your camera may be stolen. Thefts, robbery, and mobbing are common cultures at these locations and going on a trip could have a downside. The following is a list of the 7 places in the world where you are most likely to get robbed:

1. Caracas, Venezuela
Caracas in Venezuela is popular for thefts, robbery and gang violence. This is one of the top locations in the world where you must be extra careful with your belongings as chances are high that they may go missing when you are distracted or not paying enough attention. This place is so unsafe that there is even a kickass game called Just Cause based on it. Visiting Caracas could have several perils!

2. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Of course, how can this list not have Rio de Janeiro on it? Popular for a distorted sense of law and order and known for many petty crimes and thefts, this beautiful location in Brazil does come with its grey shades. The chances of you reaching your hotel from the airport without having your pocket picked are rare, so beware.

3. Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos is just another place in the world where your chances of getting robbed or even mobbed are pretty high. There are several local gangs and hoodlum boys who might be lurking in the corners of streets, especially in the night, just to have a go at you. Lagos in Nigeria is thus a place where it is better to leave the money at the hotel and secure the passport as much as you can.

4. Cape Town, South Africa
Sure, Cape Town is pretty and exciting and breathtakingly awesome but another thing that this city is, is unsafe! Mugging, stabbing, theft, and violence are common, especially during the night time. The terror is always lurking in the dark behind the glittering lights and bubbling energy. So do visit Cape Town but make sure you are clever enough to keep your valuables hidden.

5. Barcelona, Spain
Popular as the pickpocket capital of the world, Barcelona in Spain is another place in the world where you are most likely to be robbed. Petty crimes, robberies, mobbing and even stabbing are not uncommon and tourists can often be seen getting their reports lodged at local police stations.

6. Rome, Italy
Using public transports in Rome could be very risky and having a journey without getting your pockets picked is a rare occurrence. Moreover, faux gypsies may dance around you and may engage you in their charm while their cronies cleverly steal your stuff. So make sure you never get too distracted by the charms the city has to offer.

7. Paris, France
The city of romance does have an ugly side to it-the pickpockets. Every street has notorious pickpockets hanging around to spot innocent tourists who are too busy clicking pictures and admiring the Eiffel tower. These pickpockets are so smart and swift that it takes hardly a second for them to sweep off that wallet from your pocket. Keep a close watch and always keep your passport hidden.

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