Travel Tips For Europe

Every year my wife & I take a break from our busy schedules & enjoy a grand vacation with our kids. As things were about traveling, we happened to be looking for bargains on lightweight clothes and apparently, I came across Up to 50% Off Discounts at Joules, which really helped my budget. Last year we had been to Singapore & Malaysia, it was a great fun. This year we had decided to go to Europe. Yes, it’s our dream destination & we were so excited.

Since we have been traveling often I wish to share my experience with you & take care of Dos & Dont’s. The biggest dilemma is of packing the bags – carrying lots of clothing, footwear, eatables, medicines, safety gear & equipment etc. This all is certainly not needed. You are not permanently moving to a new house so relax its just 8-15 days of a trip. All you need to do is make a checklist according to priority & pick only most important things. Sometimes it also happens that you land up in your hotel & you realize you left few important things at home.

Here’s what you need to remember while going on a trip:

Carry lightweight & easily washable clothes – which will reduce the weight of your bag plus give you more space to accommodate other important stuff. Do not carry too many apparel and footwear. Chances are, you may not even try it owing to your personal likes and dislikes. Carry extra undergarments. Carry jackets & sweater to protect you from chilly weather. Get a spare bag if you plan to shop. Also,

  • Carry a good camera to click & capture your sweet memories
  • Shoes & flip flops – Shoes should be used for multipurpose like for running & hiking. Lightweight flipflops are a must to walk on a beach or casual walk.
  • Computer / Smartphone charger
  • Foreign currencies & credit card
  • Basic medicines, cosmetics, toiletries & small record keeping book to jot down expenses, addresses etc
  • City maps & guidebooks
  • Hotel reservation confirmation letters

I have tried which can help you to manage everything on trip and gift you a personalised experience. They have expertise in this field from the last 16 years and provide great service, organize planned trips, do secure booking to all places & make your trip hassle-free.

And lastly, Bon Voyage. Cheers!

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